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We offer an online tailoring service which has proved very successful. If we do not hold your measurements, please use the guide given below in our measurement forms. Another option would be to send us a sample garment that fits well to copy .To make it easier for fabric selection, we could forward you sample swatches as per your request .If you are a repeat customer, we will have all your details on file.

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We employ one Master Tailor . Each garment is made with dedication and care. Shirt collars and cuffs are made with special facing so they never bubble or lose their shape. Jackets are sewn with top quality facings and natural fibre linings. Trousers are created with inner lining, tape reinforced bottoms, and high grade waistbands. All seams are double stitched and every pocket made from strong 100% pure cotton. We select our materials based on appearance, feel, quality, wearability, durability, and value for money.

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