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Suits are a time-honored convention of menswear. Short of jackhammers and beer, they’re the ultimate expression of masculinity and simply have the ability to make every man look dapper and suave. Once upon a time in ancient Persia, merchants were like today’s executives and had to be the best-dressed to symbolize their affluence and wealth. Fashion has come a long way – today we have the power suit. From the history of tailoring to Mark Twain’s legendary attire, here are 10 interesting facts about suits that you’ve probably never heard of.


The definitive guide to the summer suit

The challenges of the summer suit are several. From material and cut to accessorising and colour, the number of potential pitfalls involved with this particular form of formalwear are so daunting that many simply choose to forgo the outfit altogether.


10 Rules to Look Good in a Suit

A suit is the one piece of clothing guaranteed to elevate you from man to gentleman. The issue, however, is that not all suits are created equal. And whilst it is actually very simple to look good in a suit, many men just need to slightly tweak their current get-ups to achieve the perfect look.


5 common mistakes men make when wearing a suit

Don't make one of these common suit wearing mistakes again, with this how to on correcting tailoring missteps


How to get that bespoke fit for your ready-made suit

Few men would deny that there is a certain pleasure in knowing that something has been made just for you. When it comes to suits, there is little question that bespoke is best – yet a man shouldn’t put too much stock in those who spurn shop-bought entirely.


You need to stop wearing a black suit, now

Consider us menswear iconoclasts, but the black suit is a serial sartorial sin that needs a serious rethink.

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